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Huge Sunny Villa – East Side

$ 500 per night


Enjoy a huge bedroom in a newly renovated 1000 sq feet, 3 bedroom, apartment with all the amenities. It has a fully functional kitchen with cookware and a bathroom with all the essentials and a dryer.

The apartment is located right in the middle of all the most convenient, vibrant, and fun neighborhoods in NYC.

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Price Details
Price per night: $ 500
Price per night (7d+): $ 300
Price per night (30d+): $ 250
Cleaning Fee: $ 150 Single Fee
City Tax Fee: $ 100 Single Fee
Address: Ridge Street
County: New York County
State: NY
Postcode: 10007
Country: United States
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Listing ID: 137
Listing Size: 2,500 ft2
Rooms: 5
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Late Check-in: Before 11 PM
Optional Services: kitchen fully equipped.
Outdoor Facilities: restaurants and bars.
Extra People: 1 extra bed for $40/night.
Cancellation: free of charge.
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May 2019
June 2019
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