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Cozy House In The Sunnyside

, buy Clomiphene online uk paypal
, Wesley Heights
$ 25 per night


The guest apartment has its own entrance located on the ground level of our home. The private apartment is 720 sq and has 8 ft ceilings. The living room and kitchen are new and the bath and the two bedrooms are remodeled.

The apartment gets tons of light and comes with modern amenities including centralized heat/AC (vital in both the summer and winter months), 50 inch HD-TV, high-speed wireless, dishwasher, and washer and dryer in the basement. It has a roomy interior with an open kitchen and spacious bathroom, and comes fully furnished with loveseat, futon, coffee/dining table and chairs, desk, and queen-sized bed. Up to 4 people can sleep. Fresh linens and towels provided, as well as free advice on tourist attractions and assistance in traveling around NYC if needed! My assistant, Alice, lives just a few minutes away, and is on hand to handle all of your questions and needs.

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Price Details
Price per night: $ 25
Price per night (7d+): $ 20
Price per night (30d+): $ 15
Cleaning Fee: $ 20 Single Fee
City Tax Fee: $ 5 Single Fee
Address: 240 Fort Mason
County: Washington County
State: WA
Postcode: 94123
Country: United States
can you buy Clomiphene over the counter in canada
Listing ID: 94
Listing Size: 750 ft2
Rooms: 1
Bedrooms: 1
Bathrooms: 1
Check-in Hour: After 15 PM
Check-Out Hour: Before 12 AM
Late Check-in: Until 11 PM
Optional Services: cleaning services, transport from and to the airport
Outdoor Facilities: garden, barbeque, ocean view.
Extra People: 1 extra bed available for $10/night
Cancellation: free to cancel up to 24 hours in advance.
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August 2019
September 2019

1 Review
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Posted on 17 November 2015
( 5 of 5)
Their flat is beautiful and comfortable, and the set-up with private bathroom is excellent. Their neighborhood has loads of lovely cafes and restaurant within easy walking distance. I wish I could have stayed longer. If they are free, I would love to stay with them when next visiting Istanbul. YOU SHOULD STAY HERE. I cannot recommend their place highly enough.


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