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Chic Cole Valley House

$ 40 per night


This chic and cool studio apartment in a charming Victorian home in Cole Valley merges the best of San Francisco, with classic 19th century architecture on the exterior, and a newly remodeled, beautiful studio apartment that features mod design and a cheerful and vibrant color scheme in the interior.

There is a fully outfitted kitchen with 4 stools and retro-chic tableware, perfect for cocktails. And speaking of cocktails, the neighborhood is lovely if you like great food and cocktails. A close walk to Cole Street, you can feast on gourmet tacos and drinks at local favorite Padrecito, topping it off with caramelized honey, creme fraiche and roasted pineapple sundaes at the Ice Cream Bar, also a fan favorite on Cole Street.

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Price Details
Price per night: $ 40
Price per night (7d+): $ 35
Price per night (30d+): $ 30
Cleaning Fee: $ 50 Single Fee
City Tax Fee: $ 10 Single Fee
Address: Stanyan Street
County: Washington County
State: WA
Postcode: 94117
Country: United States
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Listing ID: 101
Listing Size: 850 ft2
Rooms: 2
Bedrooms: 2
Bathrooms: 1
Check-in Hour: After 13 PM
Check-Out Hour: Before 10 AM
Late Check-in: Until 3 AM
Optional Services: laundry, taxi, one city tour - free of charge.
Outdoor Facilities: restaurants, theater, museum.
Extra People: 1 extra bed available
Cancellation: up to 24 hours before check in
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October 2019
November 2019

1 Review
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Posted on 17 November 2015
( 5 of 5)
Few other considerations are in order: 1. The location is mediocre at best. Finding their place is a challenge; more importantly, its hillside location is hard on the legs, no matter who you are. Yes, it sits in a trendy, less touristy neighborhood, but the upcoming Karakoy district is also trendy, closer to the museums and the water,and a much, much easier walk. 2. The guest bed is not very comfortable and should be replaced. 3. While their rates are reasonable, an astute shopper will find a lot of 3 and 4 star Istanbul hotels in that same price range.


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